Installing the WhatsApp On Your iPad 3G

By On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

Probably one of the coolest and the most in-demand mobile messaging app to date is the WhatsApp. Well, for one, it’s cross platform which means that it transcends the manufacturer of your gadget. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Android, Apple, or BlackBerry, you are free to use WhatsApp. Second, WhatsApp is free to use as in you can message all you want without cost! Yes, you’ve read it right. As long as you belong to a single network, and you have the WhatsApp app, even if you’re messaging from a iPhone, your friend with a Blackberry would receive all the messages you would send him without paying anything for them.

The only problem is, the WhatsApp app is not yet available for the iPad. Fortunately, there’s jailbreaking. This is the best about jailbreaking right? It breaks the limits set by Apple and the developers. A word of caution though, this tweak would only work on iPad 3G, and not on the regular iPad. Also, for you to let this tweak work, again, you need to have a jailbroken device. If you don’t want to jailbreak your device, then there’s no other way yet to install WhatsApp on your iPad the nonjailbroken way, 3G or not.

How To Install The WhatsApp On Your iPad 3G

Download the WhatsApp app first from here. Aside from this, secure installing iFile, and Installous on your iPad as well. With iFile, locate var/mobile/documents/downloads. Once located copy and paste the whatsapp app you have downloaded a while ago, under that directory. After that, open Installous and find the same file. It should be there already. Tap on it to install it. After the installation, head on to your Cydia app. Open it and search for WhatsPad. Once found, download and install this as well. Check out your new app after the installation. You should already have the WhatsApp app on your iPad. Congratulations!