Introducing the FM Radio Tuner from the iPod Nano

By On Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 Categories : iPod Nano
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It is not all for video syncing and visual effects alone. Other than what was said is, the FM radio tuner utility embedded in the new iPod Nano 5th generation. What’s with this FM radio tuner?

You may anticipate basing on the name itself, as what connotes an FM radio tuner. However, it is more than just a meager radio tuner function that this 5th generation iPod Nano feature can do. Other than pulling down of signals, this tuner also allows you to record live radio. More so, you can also tag your favorite songs to save them for future purchase. It is such a very good feature suitable to those who easily forget about anything.

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Basically, the FM radio tuner does four core functionalities for your iPod nano device. This is with the inclusion of live radio recording, tuning channels, and favorite creation as well as tagging and recent songs. Let us deem with these functionalities one by one.

Live Radio Recording. Provided that the latest iPod Nano is embedded with storage and FM tuner, it is possible for you to record live radio and listen to it later on. Such feature is also known as Live Pause, which you can turn on and off from the Radio screen. From this interface, you can record, listen to, and skip forward or backward in the recording.

Channels Tuning. Prior to utilizing this feature, you may have to secure headphones. You then can listen to radio station, after plugging in the headphones to your nano device. In this feature, you will be utilizing the Clickwheel to perform specific commands for channel tuning.

Favorite creation, tagging and recent functions. The reason why you add stations to favorites is either because you would tag such station for future song purchase or listen to it in the later times. When creating favorites, you will be given selections as to what station you preferred to listen to and tag the songs you like to hear, too. Typically, the favorite radio stations are available from the main Radio menu.

You will know if you are currently listening to a tagged favorite station by seeing a star after the station number. This is the primary indicator. As for the recent songs, you will be provided with the list of the stations/songs you’ve listened to, a moment ago.

All these are typically in conjunction to the core function of the iPod nano that is, MUSIC. Listen to your favorite stations that play nothing but your favorite songs. All these and more are certainly promising with an iPod nano 5th generation, at hand.

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