iOS 4.3.5 Available Already

By On Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Let’s start the post with a little bit of history shall we? So the iOS 4.3.3 has been jailbroken by a jailbreak called JailbreakMe 3.0 by Comex of the infamous iPhone Dev Team. It has become one of the most popular jailbreaks of all time because it’s the first one to jailbreak the iPad 2, and second, it’s one of the easiest jailbreaks ever. It just requires you to visit a website, click on a link, and then your iPad 2 is going to start downloading a .pdf file that’s going to jailbreak your gadget.

It’s an exploit of a .pdf downloading vulnerability of the iPad 2 and it’s iOS, the 4.3.3. Millions of gadgets have been jailbroken by JailbreakMe 3.0. Of course, Apple immediately released an update to stop the hack, just how it always does. It released the iOS 4.3.4 update. The JailbreakME 3.0 has been broken down, but just hours after the iOS update, another jailbreak has been released to jailbreak it. Only this time, no jailbreaks available for the iPad 2 yet. Those are notable achievements from both parties. Apple restoring the iPad 2 to being jailbreak-proof, and the iPhone Dev Team for coming up of a jailbreak just hours after the update.

The iOS 4.3.5

Now, because the iOS 4.3.4 is already jailbroken, Apple has launched yet again another update, the iOS 4.3.5. To get this update, just plug in your gadget to your iTunes, check for updates, and download. Although there are no sources claiming that this update was released to stop the jailbreak for the 4.3.4 version, it is said that this update is released to solve another vulnerability or security hole that could be used in jailbreaking.

So, what is jailbreaking? It is the hacking of the iOS of your gadget so that it’s capabilities and features are extended. It would also allow you to download and install apps that are only available from Cydia and would not be fouond in the regular app store. Up to a certain point, jailbreaking also allows you to download paid apps for free, and other neat stuff, that your current iOS would not be able to perform.

Jailbreaking is not really illegal though of course it’s practically understandable why Apple is launching this war against jailbreaking, because they don’t want people messing around with their iOS. In any case, no one’s stopping the iPhone Dev Team, as well as other hackers from pursuing jailbreaking, and they shouldn’t. There are a lot of jailbreaks that are really bound to make life easier, like the iUsers jailbreak that allows users of the iPad to have multiple user accounts, and the upcoming multitasking jailbreak that allows you to open two apps that would both appear in just one screen.

Time will only tell, how long until this newest update is going to be jailbroken again, and there’s even a huge possibility that the jailbreakers would leave this update alone because this is just inches away from the newest and most anticipated iOs, the iOS 5. For now, only beta versions of the iOS 5 have been released but even these beta versions have been jailbroken as well. Whether this update is going to be jailbroken or not, we can only be sure of one thing. This jailbreakers vs. Apple war is not going to stop any time soon.