iOS 5 beta 4, Already Jailbroken?

By On Monday, April 23rd, 2018 Categories : iPad

A new iOS or the mobile operating system used by Apple on their gadgets is going to be released soon. It’s the iOS 5. It’s supposedly rumored to be released along with the launch of the iPhone 5 and the iPad HD in September, but there is now a huge possibility that the iOS 5 is going to be released sooner than expected.

Jailbreaking the iOS 5 beta 4

The iOs 5 is probably one of the most anticipated iOS so far. Apple boasts that it’s going to have a lot of useful features that weren’t available for the previous iOS versions. The main feature of the iOS 5 is the iCloud where it allows you to update your phone and perform other operations alone without the need of connecting to a computer anymore. It’s going to make your phone standalone and perfomr by itself without connection cables. It just requires the iTunes to be in the same Wi-Fi network, and that the gadget is plugged to a power source.

Aside from the iCloud, the iOS 5 has a lot of other features, but the characteristic that stands out is its importance on communication. It has integrated Twitter into its system so you could tweet anytime even when you are still accessing certain apps and it offers unlimited free text messages to other gadgets that have the same iOS.

So, it hasn’t been released yet, but Apple has been releasing its beta versions for developers to test their apps on, to provide constructive criticisms, and proper testing. It’s not out for public use yet, but what’s funny is that it’s already jailbroken. Almost all beta versions are jailbroken, maybe as preparation for the real thing?

Jailbreaking, for those who don’t know yet, expands and erases the limitations of the iOS through hacking. It would let you access special apps that are not available at the regular app market,as well download paid apps for free.

Going back to the iOS 5 beta 4, so it is really jailbroken already. It could be jailbroken using redsnOw 0.9.8b4. You can search for it over the web. As usual, it was developed by no other than the iPhone Dev Team, the infamous group of jailbreakers. Once you have found where to download it, connect your device running on this iOS using a connection cable, and follow the instructions.

After the whole process you would get a tethered jailbreak. There are two types of jailbreak, the tethered and the untethered. The difference is that a tethered jailbreak is required to get run or installed again every time your device runs out of power or gets rebooted, while the untethered jailbreak is much more permanent not unless you decide to remove it yourself by reformatting your device.

For now, users just can’t wait until the iOS 5 is released. It’s going to be launched as a free update some time in the near future. As for jailbreaking it, the jailbreak for it will be released only after the iOS is released to the public of course. Apple has been in a consistent war against jailbreaking and whenever there’s a new jailbreak, it’s almost automatic that an iOS update that would stop the jailbreak would soon follow. We could expect the same events to happen in the following  lifespan of the iOS 5.