iOS 5 beta 4

By On Monday, April 16th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Just a week after the last update, Apple has again released a beta update for their new iOS the iOS 5. This is not for users yet, but rather for developers who may want to test drive their apps out of it.

iOS 5 is one of the most anticipated iOS releases so far. It is unique in its own, and moreover, this is the iOS where Apple actually incorporated a lot of user requests in the past iOSs. Its main feature and what makes it unique is the iCloud feature. All the other iOS make use of iTunes to update by connecting the gadget to the computer where you have the iTUnes installed. This is done by attaching and still using a date cable. In this new iOS however, Apple eliminates the use of the data cable which makes your gadget a standalone device that you could update without connecting it anymore as long as the iTunes is within the same Wi-Fi network and your gadget is plugged to a power source.

The iOS 5 Features

Aside from the iCloud, some of the other notable features of this new iOS is its high regards to connectivity. Of course, one of the main reasons why we get iPhones and iPads is to connect everyday to our loved ones and to the world, right? Well, this iOS takes much respect of that. Twitter has obviously become one of the biggest means of communicating what you think and feel to the world, and the iOS 5 has integrated Twitter to its system. How? It made it very easy to use, and they have integrated Twitter in other apps as well. In this way, no matter which app you are using, you can still tweet what you’re doing without even leaving the app. Another outstanding communication to take note is the unlimited free text messages. Yes, you can now send unlimited text messages to anyone who has the iOS as you, all free of charge. The barriers are eliminated. Now, you can text every single detail of what it is you’re doing to anyone without thinking about your phone bill getting too high.

Finally, this iOS promises to combine your gadgets all together. It seeks to tie them together and merge them so for example, you have two iDevices and you forgot the other one at home, you can still survive with just the other one because your files on the other gadget (the one you left) is also in this device. No panics. No worries. Anyway, aside from those already mentioned, this iOS has a whole lot more to offer, and until it is finally released, its features could still improve and advance.

As if this update could not get any better enough. It was recently said that the iOS 5 would be released along with the iPhone 5, but apparently there is a big possibility that it would get offered earlier than its carrier and that Apple will launch it as a free update some time in the near future. For now, all we could do is sit down, relax, and enjoy the wait!