IOS5 Jailbroken after launch

By On Friday, June 1st, 2018 Categories : Jailbreak iPhone


MuscleNerd, the legendary man from iPhone developer team has got his hands on the iOS5 yesterday. Amazingly, he has already jailbroken it. Cydia and other apps such as MyWi and iSSH is working very well without so much surprise. For quite some time, iPhone developer is willing to bring you the apps from outside the App Store.

The app like Grooveshark and Castaways are often find their place on Cydia. Also for some apps that are requiring us to access the private API that Apple don’t want to share. It is of course a risky process and need a lot of work for the people who think that it is worth it, when Apple release the firmware that is incompatible for jailbreaking.

Beside the fact that we won’t have the platform until fall, it is a good news that the jailbreaking method is ready for the people who prefer to live in the dangerous side. But still there is time for Apple to change it. For your information, in this platform, Apple is releasing a new app called Reminders, update the notification system, and many other things.