IOS5 on iPhone 3GS Missing Tabbed Browsing and Photo Editing

By On Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 Categories : iphone


Earlier this week, there is a big news from Apple when they are releasing the Apple iOS 5.0 software at WWDC. The new platform is said to bring 200 new features when it comes to the users later this fall. Unfortunately, there is some concern because the new platform wouldn’t fully functional on iPhone 3GS. The rumor seems like a fake, because the earlier beta version of this software shows that the platform works properly on 3GS.

Yes, maybe some features are missing. But from the released video on YouTube, iOS 5.0 seems like working well on the iPhone 3GS. On the video, the new notification bar is active, looks elegant, and pretty responsive. You will also see the deeper Twitter integration. The overall performance and device’s speed is also good.

Unfortunately, there are still missing features so far. The new improved camera app for iPhone 3GS will show you the grid lines, but you still can’t edit the photos in it. The Safari browser also missing its tabs options. Let’s hope Apple will seriously fix it. And when the platform coming next fall, the issues must be gone.