iPad 2 a requirement in school?

By On Thursday, April 12th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Maybe the iPad is indeed taking over the world already, step-by-step without us ever noticing. A school in Auckland, Orewa College has just recently announced that next year, all year 9 students would be required to have their own portable computer next year, and that the suggested portable computer is the iPad 2.

We cannot deny the fact that the iPad 2 is indeed very convenient and could also be very educational, however the issue would arise along the lower and middle class of the community which do not have the $799 to spend on a portable computer. This part of the announcement worried the education sector.

The Orewa College already has 400 computers for the students to use, but the demand for its use is still higher than the ideal one-to-one access. That is where the college is coming from in requiring their students to bring their own portable computers. In that way, the one-to-one access is achieved, and the students would have more freedom with the computer, because the gadget is theirs.

To clarify, Orewa College made sure that the iPad 2 was not compulsory and that any type of portable computer will do, and that they just preferred the iPad 2 because it could operate for a longer time as compared to other portable computers, and it’s one of the most  convenient to carry and bring to school everyday. The only problem is that again, not everyone could afford to buy a portable computer, especially the iPad 2.

The next best solution probably is that the government should step up and answer to the demands of digital education. The internet access is undeniably becoming more and more of a need. It could be very educational and informative. Both the government and the parents know this in their hearts that the schools today really need to start incorporating this type of technology into their education systems and curriculum. The problem is just that both the government and the parents are still unwilling to suffer the financial side of it.

The Pros and Cons of Having an iPad 2 Inside Your School Bag

Let’s now move on to its pros and cons, again it could bring about some positive effects to children’s learning. This type of learning is very interactive, fun, and requires a lot of observation skills. There are already researches to prove that incorporating portable computers like the iPad into traditional classes takes learning up a notch. Although of course, this could bear a lot of negative factors as well. For one, the internet access should be properly controlled by the school, as to prevent the youth, especially minors from accessing R18 sites. Another worry is that these gadgets are expensive. Should kids really be allowed to bring them to school everyday and carry them on the road to school? Doesn’t that pose a threat on the security of the children?

Solutions to limiting the sites that the students could access while in school is already in progress and is already being tested in some schools. Suggestions on leaving the iPads in school could also be practiced so that students would not be travelling carrying expensive gadgets in their school bag.

Let’s just see what comes up out of this and hope for the best, since this plan only carries out good intentions for the improvement of education.