iPad 3: Budget-Friendly

By On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 Categories : iPad

The most-awaited tablet right now is going to get cheaper? Unbelievable? Well, we can only get our fingers crossed. The iPad 3 is one of the most talked about gadgets today even before its release. Well, for one thing, it is said that it’s going to test the limitations of the highest resolution possible for a tablet’s screen. It’s claiming to go beyond HD, which instigated the war between Samsung and LG to develop an LCD like this.

Another rumor is its release date. Some claim that Apple is releasing it this year. Apple is not the type of company to release two generations of a single gadget within a year, but because a lot of their competitors are releasing their own tablets later this year, there is a possiblity that Apple is going to compromise its launching tradition, and release the third generation of the iPad before the end of the year as well. A few consequences however is that again, the beyond HD LCD is not yet ready. The iPad 2 itself has gone through a shortage phase because of different reasons, and Apple has just sorted things out. The same would most likely happen if ever Apple rushes the launch of the iPad 3. Another worry is that, the soon release of the iPad 3, and news about its impending launch could leave a dent on iPad 2’s growing market, and the tablet sales of Apple as a whole. Consumers may wait out until the iPad 3 is released if the waiting is just going to be for a few months.

Apple is going to make the iPad 3 budget-friendly.

In any case, the iPad 3 is still expected to sweep the market off its feet no matter when it’s released. For now, its production is the one that’s making noise, and aside from the Samsung-LG issue that’s already been mentioned, another iPad 3 manufacturing news just came out. The third generation of iPad is going to be cheaper than expected.

Rumors have already circulated in the past about a cheaper iPhone, and Apple has neither confirmed it nor denied it; but no one really expected that Apple is actually going to make the said effort on the iPad 3. Apple has chosen less expensive Taiwan-based companies to supply the parts of the upcoming iPad 3. If the cost of the parts are to be brought down dramatically, then it would definitely make a significant cut on the price of the upcoming tablet.

There are a few speculations going around as to why Apple made the significant change. Some say that maybe they’re actually doing this step because of the problems they have recently experienced from working with big companies, like Samsung and HTC. Others say that the reason that Apple is making this budget-cut move is because all of its competitors are offering their tablets at unbelievably lower prices. This is the only thing that keeps apple from controlling the market, and that is being more achievable for the middle class and lower classes to buy.