iPad 3 Going to Partner with LG and Samsung for Hi-Def Display?

By On Sunday, April 15th, 2018 Categories : iPad

There are a lot of rumors abut the upcoming iPad 3. One of them is that the iPad 3 is going to maximize the possible resolution that an iPad can handle for now. To obtain this, they really have to incorporate really high-end liquid crystal displays. Thus, talks have been going around regarding where Apple would get the LCDs they needed.

Although, it wouldn’t take too long before experts come up with speculations, because out of all the companies in the world, there are only two that are capable of delivering this kind of product, and they are the two leading Korean firms – Samsung and LG. It is rumored that Apple has even started testing some of LG and Samsung LCDs over at their factory in China, though all the three companies haven’t released their official statements yet regarding this news.

The bets are pretty much more on LG than Samsung though, probably because of the recent controversy and issue between Apple and Samsung about patent infringement. Well, in any case, Samsung has been very close with Apple for the past few years, since Samsung is the one that has been supplying Apple of some important components like processors. Most especially, Apple is the type of company that plants trust on other companies, hence they do not change suppliers from time to time and would most probably stick with one forever, unless something odd happens like the one with Samsung. It could also be totally unrelated with the said issue, but Apple had already shifted orders of their memory chips from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC. We could probably take a cue from what happened between the two companies, and if Samsung would really bag the huge deal of producing the iPad 3‘s LCD.

In any case, it was still mentioned that Apple is still testing LCDs from Samsung so we’ll never know unless the iPad 3 is already out. It is said that the testing would end later this year.

Apple is really pushing the limits of the iPad 3 when it comes to definition. Reports say that Apple is planning to release a display resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and 4:3 aspect ratio that could handle and support quad extended graphics, as well as for the user to enjoy the real meaning of full high definition viewing experience. It should also have a pixel density of 280 pixels per inch.

We’re not talking about cheap and easy stuff here. Apple is really pushing the limits of the technology when it comes to display. The latest technology that Samsung has is just based on organic light emitting diodes or OLEDs which are not enough to produce and support Apple’s requirements.

It seems that both Samsung and LG are working overtime to produce the display that Apple wants. At the end of the day, all that Apple could do is just wait and hope that even just one of the two would come up with their order – just in time for iPad 3’s release, probably next year.