iPad Fit For A Queen

By On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Who said that iPad would never be able to come out of it’s black shell and stay that way forever? Apparently, there’s one iPad who dared to change, and she is now one of the most elegant and priciest iPad on the planet. So, if you’re currently winning the heart of someone from the royal family, who just so happens to be fascinated with dinosaurs, then this is the perfect gift to give to her. You got to hurry though, because there are only two in the world.

The iPad 2 Gold History Edition

This iPad is designed by Stuart Hughes and is dubbed as the iPad 2 Gold History Edition. Let’s dig in a little bit deeper to the history that it contains shall we? Well, let’s see, how does a tyrannosaurus rex thigh bone sounds like to you. Yes, indeed this iPad 2 contains 57 grams of trex thigh bones no it, as well as 750 grams of a 75 million years old Ammolite stone. Suddenly the 53 flawless diamonds encrusted to serve as the Apple logo don’t mean a thing anymore, as well as the 2,000 grams of solid 24-karat gold.

It dethroned by a far cry the world’s previously most expensive iPad which sold at $1.2 million, and made it look cheap with the selling price of $8 million.Buying a regular iPad could leave quite a dent to the wallets of most people, but this iPad is just unbelievable. Whoever gets this one should keep it a big secret, especially if Jurassic Park comes true, and junior went to seek revenge for the death of his great grandfather.

If by chance trex thigh bones on your iPad are really not your style, then maybe other expensive stuff could suit your fancy? Let’s take a look at the cheaper ones offered down at the Goldstriker shall we? So aside from the Gold History Edition, there are other “billionaire toys” as they call it as well, like two special editions of the iPhone 4. The first one is the gold edition while the other is the platinum edition. For the gold edition, there are only 1000 of these guys to be made. It would contain 53 expensive crystals, with crystal earphones. The platinum edition one has the same features of the gold except that it comes in a platinum color. They come in cheaper than the iPad 2 Gold History Edition of course at only €3,800.

If you really want to grab an iPad though, and don’t want to settle for a cheaper iPhone, then maybe the iPad 2 Crystal Gold Edition would be perfect for you. It practically has the same feel with the Gold History Edition, only again, way cheaper. It is also made up of 24 karat gold, but instead of diamonds, it only dons crystals, and of course it doesn’t come with trex’s thigh bones and the ammolite stone.

Finally, a perfect gift for the ladies, if gold is such a strong a color, is Goldstriker’s 18 karat Rose Gold MacBook Air. It’s the same MacBook Air that you have loved, only classier and more feminine. Any lady would have their hearts melt for you, if you give this to them – only if you have €5,500 that is.