iPad HD

By On Sunday, April 8th, 2018 Categories : iPad

It’s clear that Apple fans young and old all over the world are still hyped up about the recent release of iPad 2, two new rumors have already surfaced: first one, being the release of the iPad 3, and the second being the release of iPad HD. The hype that the iPad 2 has brought left the public still intoxicated and its international shipping is just about to start, but let’s move on to its sibling that is said to be released this year as well – the iPad HD. Yes, the iPad 2 is not going to have a replacement just yet, but Apple is cooking up a sibling to rival their own just released tablet, or to accompany it in its own line.

Just a better screen?

The iPad HD is said to be coming out with a double resolution screen (2048 x 1536) as compared to the earlier iPad and the new iPad 2 which both have the same resolution. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it comes out with more features, not just a better screen.

Obviously, the gadget is meant for the higher end market: to those who belong to the photography and film making industries. Bottom line is if you haven’t bought your iPad 2 yet, you might want to wait a little for the release of the iPad HD, especially if you’re interested with the main feature that it boasts of.

No more iPad 3?

No. Contrary to the belief and rumors that the iPad HD is going to replace the release of the iPad 3, they’re wrong. The iPad HD is in no way connected with the release of the next iPad in the series. It’s just in the same line as the iPad 2.

To be released along with iPhone 5?

Although the rumor hasn’t been verified yet by Apple itself, some sources say that the iPad HD is going to be released alongside iPhone 5 this Fall. While the design of the iPhone 5 is just said to be a leaner and lighter design with the iPhone 4, there are no news yet about what the iPad HD is going to look like.

Special Pro Apps?

A new iPad app could also be released with iPad HD, probably an iPad version of Final Cut Pro X or Aperture which are both targeted to the same market that would probably be getting the iPad HD. Final Cut Pro X is a video editing app while Aperture is a photo editing one, and both of these apps are currently for Mac.

So, are you interested in taking home your own iPad HD? Or would you just prefer the iPhone 5? Both are boasted to be containing state-of-the-art features, and probably both are going to require a little budgeting as well. Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure. We still have two months left to save up, because September is going to be a really exciting month for all Apple fans.

How about you? Are you planning on buying your own iPad HD? Or are you just willing to wait for the next iPad to come along?