iPad iOS 4.3 Crash Fix

By On Monday, April 9th, 2018 Categories : iPad

So, you have upgraded your iPad to iOS 4.3, and you soon discover that your apps are crashing and suddenly your device is going bonkers. Apparently really weird things can happen to your iPad, along with the 4.3 upgrade problem. Some users encounter the usual apps crashing, but others suffer the worse fate like iPad freezing while it has a sim card on, iPad screen doing weird stuff, and finally, iPad rebooting whenever it receives calls.

Don’t worry though, here are two ways to overcome the iPad iOS 4.3 crash.

iPad iOS 4.3 Crash Fix no. 1: Reinstall An App

Okay, so first you have to perform a hard reset for this. How do you perform a hard reset? Simple. Just hold the Sleep/Wake button with the Home button for more than 10 seconds or until the screen goes blank. To turn your iPad on again, hold down the Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds as well. When it goes on, delete a free app. Delete an app by tapping and holding down an app until it wobbles and the “X” mark appear. When the “X” mark is already there tap it to delete the app. Once it is fully deleted and uninstalled. Install a new one, or another free app from your AppStore on your iPad.

That should do the trick, but if it doesn’t here’s another solution to try.

iPad iOS 4.3 Crash Fix no. 2: Enter the DFU Restore mode.

So here is the other known solution to fix the iPad iOS 4.3 crash. To do this, you have to plug your iPad to your computer, and open your iTunes. The iTunes will read the status of your device. Once it’s done, perform a hard reset while it’s still plugged in to iTunes. Again, do this by holding down both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for 10 seconds or more. Now once it turns off, don’t release your hold on the Home button, and just release the Sleep/Wake button. After 20 seconds or so, your iPad will perform a DFU restore.

Aside from this, other solutions are available as well. If none of the fixes offered in this post became applicable for you, then maybe the fixes for the iOS 4.2 crash may help you? Or are you really not experiencing a crash done by the iOS 4.3 upgrade but your apps are crashing? Then you could check out this post right here that gives different solutions on fixing crashing apps.

After everything there’s really just one vital thing to remember before every upgrade. See a new upgrade available? Then don’t download it just yet. Plug in your iPad to your iTunes, and back up. In that way, if ever something goes wrong, you’re assured that your files are still left intact, and you could always recover them. Also, maybe a file storage could do the trick? Check this article right here about an app that could help you on your file organization and data security. Good luck!