Iphone 3GS in Singapore

By On Monday, February 5th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Iphone 3GS in Singapore. Iphones is nothing but the phone made with new technology that has the features of both ipod and cell phone. These iphones has more uses than other phones. Most of the people in Singapore use iphones and hence new models are coming daily. The iphones 3GS will be available in Singapore with large number of variety. They have large number variety iphones that available in the Singapore market. If we want to follow the news about the iPhone 3GS and the 3.0 software then visit Singapore market and buy your favorite iphones. The 16GB iPhone 3GS will cost S$548 for the iFlexi Lite two-year plan with a monthly subscription of S$39 that available newly in the market to welcome the new year with great iphone collection. The 32GB model will cost S$678 on the same plan. Even Singapore markets also providing more variety of iphones and even they also provide offers on each phones. In Singapore there is sing tel shop where we can find wide variety of 3GS iphones. We can also exchange our mobile with the iphones that available in the sing tel. According to SingTel, if the first batch of iPhone 3G owners waited till they reach the 12-month mark, they need pay only S$300 for the upgrade. But the telco operator told them that those who bought their iPhone 3G before 2 months can also get this advance upgrade fee before their contract reaches 12 months. They also provide mobiles on the contract basis so that we no need to buy mobile for the high cost. According to our budget we can take this mob for 1 year contract or more than that that suits our budget.

They don’t have details to the termination penalty yet, although SingTel was so rough and strict similar to last year’s terms and conditions with the iPhone 3G. They also offer many number of plans to buy iphone 3GS. So if we have been on the plan for less than three months based on the previous policy, we need to pay the three months list price plus S$800 equipment penalty. If we have fulfilled at least three months on our contract, we simply pay for the S$800 equipment penalty. So, there is no loss for us in buying iphones 3GS at one of the branded market in Singapore. Iphone 3GS in Singapore can be purchase with full guarantee and we can also get them at contract basis.