iPhone 4 and App Store Entering Guinness World Records

By On Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 Categories : iTunes


This is a very good news for all Apple lovers in the world. Now the iPhone 4 and the iTunes App Store has officially registered at the Guinness World Records. Surprisingly, this information was unveiled at the Guiness Wolrd Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition. It means that some of this milestone will be the warning for other video game giants.

Those awards are coming to the iPhone 4 as the fastest selling portable gaming system, Apple App Store as the most popular application marketplace, largest downloadable video game store, and largest launch line-up of gaming system. Even Angry Birds is also gets an award as the top paid-for app store game in most countries.

It is not surprising for Angry Birds actually. But the interesting fact is that iPhone 4 is the fastest selling portable gaming system. The iPhone 4 indeed has various exvellent games with some genres, and almost everyone who owns the device has downloaded one, two, or even ten games. The consistency of the App Store from being the first of a kind to the modern age has deliver it to the awards. Congratulations for Apple!