iPhone 4 Applications

By On Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 Categories : iphone

There has been a lot of hue and cry about the latest version of the iphone because people only expect something extraordinary from the Apple. But a lot of us are still are unsure whether it will be worth to buy such an expensive phone. One of the added features of iphone 4 is that it comes with an application called face time which will enable you to have a video chat and this phone is equipped with two cameras as well. You can start off with the video chat without installing any additional software. The downside of the facetime feature is that one can have a video chat with people who possess the same iphone. Another aspect of the phone which has been creating a lot of buzz is that it has a retina display and as a result the images on the screen are very bright and vivid. So in short you can have a great video viewing experience on your iphone. The zoom in function is also available in this phone, so that you can increase the size of the image or text while surfing any website, for better visibility.

There is a lot of difference between the new iphone when it is compared with the iphone 3. The new model of the iphone is made up of steel so that it can give a better protection to the phone. The front and back portion of the phone is made up of sturdy glass to give it a cool look and simultaneously it has a coating which gives the phone a lot of protection. There are a lot of people who have tried to check the strength of the iphone and they have found that the phone is quite sturdy as it can handle the pressure from falling off the hand. And this has proved to be a unique feature of this apple iphone. People want their phone to be sturdy because it is used everyday and there will be times when it can get slipped from the hand. So in order to deal with such instances, the new iphone 4 is made in such a way that this issue does not hamper the functioning of the phone. There are also chances that the phone might get scratches due to various reasons and hence you add a cover to your phone, to give it more protection.

Although the iphone 4 is quite strong and it is least likely to get affected from any minor falls, but it is better to think about its protection as it is a costly phone. This phone comes with the battery talk time of seven hours. You can read your favorite book on your iphone as it also has an ebook reader. The price of the new iphone 4 starts from one hundred and ninety nine dollars and if you want its costlier version then you can get it in two hundred and ninety nine dollars. The price is quite affordable and it is worth buying this iphone 4 as it has marvelous features.