iPhone 4 User Guide

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iPhone 4 User Guide. This iPhone user guide is flexible to all iPhone devices and involves the basics for any person having difficulty setting up their iPhone. In this initial step we are going to look at how it’s possible to get started to use your iPhone 4. You’ll first need the following hardware and services : * A wireless service carrier that provides iPhone service in your neighborhood * A Mac or Computer with a USB 2.0 port connection and either Mac OS X v10.5.8+ or Windows seven, Windows Vista, Windows XP Home or Pro * Screen resolution on your P. C set to 1024 x 768 or higher * iTunes 10.1.2 or later * QuickTime 7.6.2 or later, making use of the playing of videos on your personal computer * An Apple ID for purchases from iTunes or the App Store * a Net connection for your PC * Optional – an iPhone 4 skins, iPhone 4 cases When opening up your iPhone for the 1st time you’ll spot the glossy look of the telephone, many folks now buy iPhone 4 skins and iPhone 4 cases to guard their telephone in case of damage.

iPhone 4 cases are a vital way to guard your iPhone, as telephones do get damaged and plenty of folk have no insurance as an element of their plans. Your next process will be to install your SIM card.

All iPhones don’t come with the card installed so use the paper clip supplied with the iPhone to open the card tray.

This may be found on the side of the iPhone 4 or on the top of the iPhone 3gs. If you’ve got an iPhone 4 cases then this must be removed as will the iPhone 4 skins if you have just positioned them. Here’s a quick step iphone 4 user guide to installing the SIM Card : * Install the end of the paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the SIM card tray.

Put it in straight and forcefully into the hole till the tray pops out * Pull out the SIM card tray and place the SIM card into the tray * With the SIM card tray aligned and the SIM card in the slot conscientiously replace the tray Once the SIM Card is properly installed and your network gives a service you can move onto the following step, which is to install the software onto your iPhone through iTunes, this is explained in the following article.