iPhone 5 Hitting China Telecom on October

By On Monday, May 7th, 2018 Categories : iphone

The rumors about the iPhone 5 seems like always emerging. After the news about October launching, China Telecom might receiving the Apple’s smartphone in the same month. It seems that China Telecom has entered the preliminary agreement with Apple to sell iPhone 5 on October. Beside the iPhone 5, China Telecom will also providing the simpler iPhone 4. There might be an 8GB version beside the iPhone 5, just like the 3GS when we have iPhone 4.

Why would Apple release two new smartphone simultaneously? According to AllThingsD, they want to market their product in the upper and lower ends, which is a wise strategy. Apple might sees China Telecom’ subscriber is around 13 to 15 million, so Apple expecting a revenue of $8 to $9 billion. If Apple has a simplified iPhone 4 in the market, then the opportunity with China Telecom would be much bigger.

An iPhone 4 with lower memory as well as a new high end smartphone might be surprising. But it is a good move when you see China has a lot of room for low-end mobile. If the rumor was true, we are just two months away from the release date. With new rumors coming everyday,  it is getting harder to patiently wait.