iPhone 5 in Final Testing Stage

By On Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Actually, there is no one expecting that Apple will announce the iPhone5 at this year’s WWDC. However, we also don’t know when will the next generation of Apple’s smartphone will be released, or even announced by Apple. Today, there is a rumor from 9to5 Mac which is claiming that the next version of iPhone is on the final stage of testing. It means that the rumors for fall 2011 might be true.

9to5Mac said that it has reached the final testing stage and is currently being brought by Apple’s and carriers’ executives. They also added that the current plan is for September launch. It means that if you have wait to upgrade your iPhone, or if you might holding off to purchase the iPhone 4 because the newer model will coming soon, you only have to wait until September.

Moreover, there are rumors that the next generation of iPhone will be a dual mode smartphone which is supporting GSM and CDMA. The Worldphone that able to support both Verizon and Sprint might do well for CDMA customers in U.S., and maybe anywhere in the world where CDMA is a good operator. The latest rumors also said that Apple and Verizon haven’t meet the deal to support FaceTime on 3G network.