iPhone 5 Launching on October?

By On Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 Categories : iphone

The rumors of iPhone 5’s launching is already heard so many time for September. However, it is until yesterday, when another news is coming said that the device will come on October. When the first rumor heard, I think that Apple want to launch it on their annual iPod event on September. But now, I think they want the iPhone 5 to have its own show on October.

According to the reports from AllThingsD, the moment when AT&T blacked out their employee vacations in the last two weeks of September to prepare the debut of the next iPhone was a misinformed thing. A source familiar with Apple’s plans claim that whatever it is, it’s not for an iPhone launch. So when will the customers have a refreshed device?

The source mentioning October as the releasing time. Although it is only two months away, still it is longer than the rumored launch dates. We don’t have anything yet from Apple anyway, so it is still a rumor, again. Apple was usually launched the new smartphone on Summer, but this year, Verizon’s iPhone was too close to Summer, so maybe that’s the reason to change.