iPhone 5 Will Have 8 Megapixel Camera, But No SIM

By On Thursday, March 29th, 2018 Categories : iphone


The latest incoming report is saying that the iPhone 5 will come at WWDC next week, complete with its 8MP camera, internal antenna, and maybe a Qualcomm chipset. Actually, the news about iPhone 5 is very limited, as Apple is pretty succeeded in hiding this product. But some analysts said that we might not be able to see the gadget until September of 2011.

However if the report was right, it means that we will see the phone in around a week, when the WWDC being held. So it will be the usual time for iPhone refreshing, on June. Actually, many people not expecting much from the iPhone 5. There might be the same design as the iPhone 4, only with a new processor, better camera, plus some additional antennas to let it be the ‘world phone’.

The source also said that iPhone 5 will have no SIM. It means that the report last week from France Telecom CEO about the new standard of SIM card was a fault. Although the WWDC rumors were pretty convincing, there is also another leak that said the iPhone 5 won’t be coming until the end of July, or maybe on early August. They also said that another refreshment for the device will be coming on early 2012.