iPhone App for BBC Live Broadcast

By On Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 Categories : iphone


BBC is currently developing an app which will enable the reporters with iPhone or iPad to upload images, audio, or video directly to the BBC’s server from their gadget. Beside that, according to journalism.co.uk, the reporters with these gadget can even use this app for live broadcast from their devices over 3G network. The app should be available in around a month.

The app is developed with the existing software from Luci. The software can be used to record and broadcasting multimedia content on the iPhone. According to Martin Turner, the head of operations for newsgathering, BBC use this to keep the costs as low as possible. When it is done, the journalists will be able to bring live, on location broadcasts without satellite or codex needed.

For your information, the other large broadcast organizations in U.S. such as CBS and CNN have launched their iPhone app to enable the citizen journalists to record and submit multimedia content. Some of them even incorporated to on-air broadcasts. But BBC is the first major broadcaster that use live broadcasts for the journalists. It will surely useful, as their journalists are more likely have their iPhone on hand, rather than a full broadcasting equipment.