iPhone Complaints – What Consumers Hate Most About Apple’s Device

By On Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 Categories : iphone

The general public perception of the iPhone is an almost perfect device, and therefore many new buyers tend to not look into the possible drawbacks of the iPhone beforehand, unlike with other electronic devices. There are, however, some things you should be aware of before your purchase. There is a high number of complaints involving Flash with the iPhone, for instance.

Initially Apple stated that there was a Flash player in development for the iPhone, but then some problems arose, mainly about the Flash player not being able to be ported to the iPhone. This argument has been dragging on basically for years now and still there is no solution yet.

Another very common iphone issue is about corporate discounts. AT&T, in fact, has no corporate discounts to offer if you would like to switch from your previous contract to a service plan with an iPhone, and as a result, lots of iPhone owners feel let down. This is really something to take into consideration and unsurprisingly it is one of the most repeatedly mentioned complaints about the iPhone.

Another common iPhone complaint you should know about involves regular reception problems with the iPhone while using O2 network. This is said to be caused by problems of the iPhone’s battery, but it is still a very concerning issue. Particularly when you think about the money asked for the iPhone, it is understandable that users feel as they should not face these kinds of problems after the purchase of such a valuable high-tech device.

And of course there is one complaint about the iPhone that has been around since the very beginnings and perhaps never going to be resolved, and that is the device simply being too expensive. Since it costs several hundred dollars even when it is discounted, lots of people just can not afford spending that amount of money and even those who could easily cough up the money are often doubted whether it is really worth it to spend that much on a mobile phone, no matter how useful and elegant it is.

There have been lots of complaints about the iPhone since its release, but nothing new here, it is normally the case with every other popular electronic device. However, it is important that others who are thinking about buying one are aware of these complaints as this information might help them very much to decide if an iPhone would really be the best solution for them.

There are numerous different websites out there about iPhone complaints, and I would highly recommend checking them out before you go out and make the purchase of your iPhone.