iPhone OS 3.1: Whiz Kid Updates

By On Saturday, November 26th, 2016 Categories : iphone
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Genius Mixes and Recommendations for Apps, these mark the latest iPhone OS 3.1 Software App. Essentially, these are just two of the major highlights seized by the free OS 3.1 version. If you are still using the older iPhone OS 3.0 version, then you may consider upgrading to its 3.1 descendant this time. iPhone 3.1 is a free iPhone app that keep some of the significant attributes of its predecessor 3.0, along with several enhanced features and functionality every iPhone user would surely love.

This innovative iPhone app offers users variety of whiz kid updates including the brilliant recommendations based on the users preferences, likewise, in accord to the existing applications. Moreover, is the genius mixes that give way to iTunes to create mixes automatically. Mixes are then based on the songs stored in the iTunes directory. Users will not have to select sample songs anymore but rather it’s all going to be handled by the iTunes software itself.

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OS 3.1 Top Five Genius Updates

These are five of the prominent updates of iPhone OS 3.1 version. They all give users nothing but enhanced iPhone attributes they can take advantage of.

  1. Enhanced Wi-Fi Performance. A better wireless fidelity performance for iPhone 3G, which entails an improved download processing by means of Bluetooth. It is where users can select from thousands of available ringtones for their iPhone device. These are made accessible in iTunes store, where users just tap to do the purchase.
  2. Better iTunes File Management. As part of the brilliant updates, OS 3.1 allows users to manage apps in iTunes. This means utilizing iTunes on their pc’s for them to drag the apps onto the virtual home screen. Subsequently, apps would sync to the iPhone device.
  3. iPhone Remote Locking. It is a better locking system that enables users to lock their device tenuously. The iPhone should then be secured by indicating pass code for security grounds. Locking procedure is done by means of MobileMe.
  4. Error-Fixing Function. This is the OS capability to fix issues that would cause slip-up displays on some apps icons. Still, it is performed by design.
  5. Anti-Phishing. There is nothing better than this security update, where users are given friendly warnings when visiting counterfeit sites. This is done by exploiting the Safari browser.

All these bring to a close to the pinnacle five genius updates of the iPhone OS 3.1 software app. Better yet try these updates yourself and take advantage of the full offer it caters to your iPhone device.

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