iPhone OS version 3.1.3: The Latest iPhone Software Released by Apple

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As always, Apple does not want to be left behind. The matter of this fact is the latest release of the up-to-the-minute version of their iPhone OS software – the iPhone version 3.1.3.

The latest OS software is actually not only for the iPhone alone, but also for the iPod touch device. What every iPhone/iPod fanatics could expect from this latest OS software edition?

What the latest software update can do?

In line with the thought that it is a latest update, people would right away think of potential enhancements on the features, particularly on the Apps for both the iPhone and iPod devices. And this really makes sense. As introduced, the latest iPhone OS version 3.1.3 is anther software update that fetches the common dilemma of the majority of iPhone and iPod users. We are referring to the battery issue of both the existing portable devices from Apple. 

To rectify the prior issue with the iPhone battery, the new OS version is specifically designed with a battery reporting fix. Such feature function would help progress the precision of reported battery level on the iPhone 3G S.

Additionally, the iPhone OS version 3.1.3 update purportedly rectifies the issue pertaining to the so-called third party apps launching glitches. This concerns the alleged conflict between the iPhone device and the third-party application, the main reason why it would not start on sometimes.

Another significant function of this new update is to deal with a certain bug. Many users were complaining about a definite bug that causes the applications to crash by the time they utilize the Japanese Kana keyboard. Perhaps, this is the rationale behind the breakdown of Apple in winning the heart of the Japanese smartphone users. So, Apple has come up with a resolution now. And this issue would be taken care of by the latest software update being released, recently.

Additional Features

Aside from rectifying existing iPhone issues, the iPhone OS version 3.1.3 also integrates a number of security updates that are pertinent to ImageIO, WebKit, CoreAudio and the Recovery Mode.

How it differs from the other software updates?

Way back in October of last year, the last update came out – the iPhone OS 3.1.2. This was the OS update that fixed the issue regarding iPhones that won’t wake from sleep. Likewise, this also gave resolution to the network problem that disrupts cellular services until restart.

On the other hand, the iPhone OS 3.2 was revealed just recently, as a component of the latest multi-touch iPad device. Such software update brings several enhancements to the gadget’s existing OS. This is with the inclusion of the flexible home screen (can be viewed either vertically or horizontally)

This latest iPhone OS version 3.1.3 update can be downloaded through iTunes, for both the iPod and the iPhone device.

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