IPhone Use More Wifi Than Windows 7

By On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 Categories : iphone


Wifi may be more relevant to a PC or tablet. Surprisingly, iPhone was surpassing Windows 7 PCs in terms of Wi-Fi usage. I think it is understandable as we spend more of our times with the phones than laptops on mobile world. Wi-Fi seems like a requirement for a smartphone today as we need more speeds, reliability, and convenience, while the cost of data plans keep rising.

Meraki, a cloud networking provider, has recently publish their report about how mobile devices are more often connected to Wi-Fi than computers. I admit that it is better to use my smartphone if I only want to check out my Facebook or Twitter than to use my computer. It means that smartphone like iPhone has take over the role of our computer, while our computer has been relegated for some bigger tasks.

Sekar, the director of marketing at Meraki said that iPhone and tablets are more practical than laptops for checking email, Facebook, searching pictures, and more. While the fact is, people use Wi-Fi to do those things. That’s why iPhone could surpass any PCs in connecting to Wi-Fi. It is pretty surprising as last year, Windows and Mac OS X still made 64 percent of Wi-Fi accessing.