iPhone Users vs Android Users?

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iphone users vs android users

iPhone Users vs Android Users?Indie Tech, How does the typical smartphone user out? Android Users .Sometimes here in the Fever so happens that a small war in the comment field between Android and iPhone. Most often, you hear things like that iPhone users are dumb, stupid, lazy, can not think for themselves, and mostly just read what everyone’s god Jobs says. This from Android users, of course, who consider themselves to be smart, know what is best and who look through the mass psychosis that Apple has created.

This iPhone Users vs Android Users war has taken on proportions that not even MAc Vs. PC has been up to, and so it feels great that someone finally made a study to see what kind of people using the phone.

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Do you / do you think it all true?

Let there be flame!

Here are some people says about iPhone Users vs Android Users

iphone users vs android users

iphone users vs android users

Funny that all Android users enjoy a survey etc. are unserious when the Androids ‘disadvantage’. But if it is to iOS disadvantage, it is adamantly seriously!

Android users “57% more likely to prefer an ugly device that’s full-featured” fits very well with my idea. I drive by the way the iPhone, and will always prefer appealing appliances that do little fewer things, but doing them nicely and good.

Not at all, but well-made products with high quality feeling often cost much, whether it is justified or not. But I rather save a little longer and buy something that is really good than buying anything half-heartedly on the bounce.

So in other words, are you saying that it is important that others think you’re cool because you have a stylish and expensive phone and not you yourself think the phone is good?

No, I’m saying that I think it is most important (in this context) that I have a phone with a quality, user experience, and that I prefer a phone that does few things well than one that is completely unlimited but makes everything a little half-hearted. It has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks, iPhone is so mainstream nowadays, so it can hardly be seen as something to boast about anymore?

I think most people do not buy the iPhone as a status symbol, but because they like the phone

Was that so hard to understand?

Option 1: Fewer features, but all features are Alternatives 2: very many features which all work poorly
Option 1: Expensive, but high quality
Option 2: Cheap!

I choose option 1, it does not all. And if you do, what you do, I’ll let you have your own opinion about what you like and purchase based on your own preferences, which you can do and show by not responding with even more unnecessary flame.

Damn, I’m tired of this iphone users vs android users stuff. This is only done to conjure the rest of the internet and pour fuel on the flames. I have both an Android phone and an iPhone, I also invested in something fucking tray then maybe? No, I know, do a survey of those that have a Nokia 3310 as filler mobile.

Sometimes it just feels like a fever Post “news”. Just to start bullshit. But I obviously hope this post was for the humor value.

Probably you just have fun second Sunday holiday when you go out with the old guy gang.
Other times to avoid the weather forecasts on the television when they are far too flippant and frivolous nowadays.

It is tagged as “absolute truths”. 😉

But otherwise it is probably quite unserious when it is frivolous issues. In a proper investigation as they had wanted to know the age, job, location, education, income, etc. where the information has a real value, and where it can provide clear customer groups.

The study presents income, residential location, age, education etc .. in terms of “more likely to …”

totally useless “study” and totally freaking biased. And all the positive things is of course also the iPhone. For example
31% more likely to be later adopters
50% more likely to be early adopters

they compare the damn not the same, but the angle it so it looks good for the iphone.
But if we still say it’s the same thing they say that 50% of iPhone users are “early adopters” so does the the other half (50%) are not. And then it’s suddenly android that has several “early adopters.” Stats Statistics do not say shit

You realize that it is to conjure iphone / android-geeks? They’ve only been playing with statistics in a totally uninteresting way until they found funny connection and published those upsets.

The positive if android users who, one can deduce is well that they seem to like pets.
Unfortunately for the pets you can not deduce if they are kind hussar, or just love to reign and rule over the poor animals

So they have taken data from 15 000 answers and referred them together with the 80 million answers to other questions and received numbers … woho!
It can at best indicate what section of hunch.com users feel about themselves.

As has already been said: it can hardly be serious, and they read at the bottom, you should understand that they also realize that they only conjure with numbers 🙂

You who writes that the study is junk, not serious, bad, fake etc. Happens you possibly owning a phone or pad with Android?

Be honest now …

The presentation is actually not so crazy. To present all the answers in such a long study provides no useful overview. Therefore often presented only the answers to the questions that stand out in any direction. Very common when broad generalizations can be developed.
Please also note that “X% more likely to be …” is not the same as “x% are …”, especially in a comparison between the two populations which in this case

But it had obviously been interesting to read the full results and even take part of the statistical base.

Before then, it is impossible to determine whether the results are statistically significant or not.

You with Android, Google the word statistical significance … 😉

Saw the whole thing as a bit hilly and not an attempt to absolute truth as always is the case with “such you ‘investigations in the press.

But it was of course among other things, that the androids are a bit better at mathematics and not Texting while driving if it should be such :). So it was both positive and negative on both sides, nothing to hang on if you do not feel hit.

incredibly fun angles on some stuff. for example:
Android users: 31% more likely to be late adopters
iPhone users: 50% more likely to be early adopters
it’s the same answer the angled differently …

the merciful just as well write iphone users: 50% more likely to be late adopters
and so on…

What? If you are not literate? It says “50% more likely to have used the Internet before 1992 ‘. How do you get it to 50% used the Internet before 1992? This could mean that 1% of Android users claim to have used the Internet before 92, and that 1.5% of iPhone users say the same. Ie 50% more likely = probably still very Unlikely.

Second, the Internet is not only the WWW, it is also the Usenet, ftp and other miscellaneous services, and there was quite a while before 92. It is therefore sufficient that a few people claim to have used the network before then, and it can actually have been so. Right?

Yup, I used the Internet for the first time in 1989 and it was long before that. I have an Android right now if anyone cares :). I can not say I know which OS is best but it works well for me right now.

If you go by the statistics above, I should have a iPhone but it is a little mixed with what is true.

Otherwise, it feels more like being in general so Leaning more towards sellers and designers have Iphone and engineers running Android of my acquaintance anyway. Though most people do not care and do not have a smartphone at all.

“It is a little mixed with what is true” – ie, it is not everything that applies to you, but it is well nice not correspond to the exact average in the study.

In my acquaintance have people with very definite views (euphemism: voluntary fasting – Dysphemism: parochial) about how technology should work Android. A little more, euphemism open-minded, Dysphemism: naive and gullible people, running iPhone.

Hmm, have not thought about it that much, I’ll see if I notice the difference at large. Most people who have iPhone or Android of my acquaintance is not what I would call fanboys. Though perhaps they are when I am not present :).

In general, they seem more curious about other option. However, there are many that said “a phone should you have to call with, nothing else.”

As it was written before so this must be a joke of some kind to have a discussion when they have not compared the same questions to the various “Olympic”. Since it is not true at all agree with what I have read before, and yes, I’ve had both iPhone and Android. I had wanted to see the same statistics on the same issues, which is not the case now, the investigation is bull crap.

It is not about the phone. Everything is about its owner. An extremely small number of people buying a mobile and then admit to others that they made a bad purchase. It is about trying to keep anyway a hint of pride. People simply do not want to admit that they made a bad purchase. These people are very difficult to distinguish from those that are actually satisfied with their phone. And this applies to all camps, regardless of which phone you bought. It’s probably more of age. I’ve got this idea that older people find it easier to talk about their mistakes, than younger people. Those who disagree with me here and now, are the very people who would never admit a felköp.

Iphone 3gs = good buzz, however, did my screen (glass) pie 4 times (cost money like hell to fix this), you must sync “everything” through iTunes.

X10 mini pro = good to sms write with, but the software sucks when it freezes / reboots all the time, is tough and malfunctions.

LG Optimus 2x = Shit great phone, big screen, very fast with all upgifter, hangs never can do what I want, very good.
however, would like to have the Galaxy S2 line.

But that said, I do not hate the iPhone, however, I like the android bit more then I think we can do more with it and that it’s more fun that phone. But everyone likes different, do not understand why to tracka down on those who do not have the same OS as the man himself?

Want to pay “more” for the design than what you want to do for the performance you get well to do it. Personally, I think the new android headphones are prettier than the iPhone earphones …

the way they display their stats are a little matter of some. “if you are iPhone owners, it is 122% more likely to like fancy gadgets that do little.” can be interpreted in a number of ways. says, not very about the number who chose it, might as well be that 1 in 100 android chose it, which then means that 2.2 100 iPhone users chose it. can also mean, 40 of 100 android, 82 of 100 cases. or it’s just 2 of 3 iPhone users chose it.

So, I think this iphone users vs android users war will never end. How about your opinion?

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