Ipod Jukebox

By On Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Going into a bar or a pub the most common feature is the jukebox. Here you can literally choose any song you want to play for a small fee. Jukeboxes were a feature of the 1950s first playing the likes of Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. However technology has moved on so much that ipod jukeboxes are taking over, based on mp3/mp4 technology. Within this article we explore the kind of ipod jukeboxes out there. Hopefully by reading this you will appreciate what you could do for your bar or club.

Before looking at the ipod jukebox we will see what an original jukebox is. Basically when you go into a bar or pub the customer can chose any music for an amount of money. Once the money is deposited into the jukebox the music is played. Originally jukeboxes played vinyl records until CDs came along in the 1980s. Now we have mp3 and mp4 technology pioneered by iPod technology. An ipod jukebox is basically a juke box that plays mp3 files. The ipod jukeboxes currently available are able to play both CDs and mp3s. The ipod jukebox is able to store up to 100 CDs and store up to 60Gb worth of mp3 files which is over 10,000 tracks.

There are a variety of different Mp3 or ipod jukeboxes on the market depending on your uses and your budget. For instance you can get mini ipod jukeboxes costing in the region on $70 which is actually shaped like a retro juke box. This is more of a novelty item than anything else. A lot of modern bars will have very modern looking jukeboxes which probably are iPod juke boxes. You can browse through the tracks on the Jukebox operating system by artist, track, genre, most played etc.

Even though we have the modern technology of the ipod jukebox there is a growing trend to purchase the retro look jukeboxes. These ipod jukeboxes look exactly like 1950’s style juke boxes with all the modern technology of the 21st century. These include a fantastic wood and neon finish. An example of this is the Wurlitzer one more time ipod jukebox. This comes with standard 60Gb iPod and capacity for 100 CDs. This retails for around $8000 but it’s nice to add to the atmosphere of your bar or club. In conclusion this goes to show the vast application of iPod technology.