iPod Touch Water Damage Repair

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iPod Touch Water Damage Repair. Because water damage isn’t covered under the guaranty of your ipod touch, it’s one of the worst kinds of damage that your ipod touch can experience. Because of this you have to know what you must do if your ipod touch has give up working after it has been damaged by water. There’s one thing that you should not do and that’s to attempt to return it where you bought it from got it and attempt to fool the engineers that it’s not a water damage problem. All ipod touchs have four water four signals within them that turn pink when they come into contact with water and the engineer can straight away tell if the ipod touch has been damaged by water. These signals can be seen if you look down in the headphone socket with an intense light. The indicator will turn half pink and half white if your ipod touch has been in contact with water.

There are plenty of reports of folks that have got their water damaged ipod touch working again by drying them out. However you must never try and turn it on till it’s been dried out. You may use Silica gel packets to dry out your ipod touch.

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The Silica gel will generally remove all of the water in your ipod touch. You may have some of this material in your house if you keep your packing for your electronics or cameras. If you do not have any, it can be ordered on the web, found at an electronics store, or bought at crafts stores since it’s primarily utilized for drying flowers.

All you have got to do is place your ipod touch in a bag and seat it with the packets of Silica gel and store it in a dry place for a minimum of a few days.

It’ll take this long to be absolutely sure that all of the water is removed from the interior of your ipod touch. If you do not have any Silica gel available right away, place your ipod touch in a bag or box with some raw rice and then reseal the bag or box. Doing this’ll help to keep your ipod touch dry till you can get some Silica gel. Use the Silica gel strategy as quickly as it is available. Ultimately , connect your personal computer to your ipod touch and load up an application and see if you can do a total revive. This strategy of drying out your ipod touch is the easiest way to get your ipod touch working again after it has been damaged by water.