iPod Trivia: Going Back to Basics

By On Monday, January 8th, 2018 Categories : iPod Nano
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It is obvious that Apple already has gone so far in their patent novelties in technology. Evident of these are the latest updates on both the software and hardware aspects of their creations. The 5th generation of iPod is one clear manifestation of their continuous software-model upgrades.

Nevertheless, the advent of these new iPod releases does not mean entirely obliterating the basics in iPod existence. Instead, it is but a great time to go back to basics.

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Fun and learning. This is the main objective of this piece. So, go on reading if you come here in search for fun and learning simultaneously.

Where does the term iPod derived from?

It is never an acronym nor does not stand for anything. The term iPod is just a product of Apple’s creativity in terms of naming their products.

But if you come to notice, majority if not all of Apple products are prefixed with the letter “i”. Perhaps, this is one of the company’s trademarks, telling people that such thing is their product. Consider the iBook, iPhoto, iTunes, iMac and the latest iPad tablet. All with “i” prefix. Aside from the “i” prefix, the term “Pod” is said to depict a concept of a portable open database. Thus, entails the name of the iPod’s operating system.

When was the first iPod debut?

The first and original iPod model was publicized way back October of 2001. Apple took one year to develop such device, prior to the official release. After the first iPod debut, the company scheduled a periodic release of new models and software updates, approximately after every 6 months.

Who really conceived the iPod?

Would you believe that Apple is not the first to conceive the iPod gadget? Yes, Apple made the product a big bang after its official publication but prior to their own iPod revelation, there have already been a lot of portable music players available in the market. These players have had similar concept with Apple’s own iPod system but it was the latter that appear to function better.

The whiz kid mind behind the invention of Apple’s iPod comprised the entire team, including Jonathan Ive ( Senior VP of design, Apple), Michael Dhuey (former Senior VP of iPod division and an engineer, recently employed with Cisco systems), Jon Rubinstein (former Senior VP of Apple’s hardware engineering, recently employed by Palm) and of course, Steve Jobs (CEO –project conceptualization).

It took them about one year to complete the design until they reached to formal introduction of the first iPod in the year 2001.

Who conceived the name iPod?

The name iPod was suggested by a person named Vinnie Chieco. Vinnie Chieco is not an Apple employee but rather a freelance copywriter. The naming concept was based on the 2001 movie, taken from the line that said, “Open the pod bay door, HAL.” Chieco was inspired by that and so recommended the name iPod, in which Apple has also agreed and implemented.

Who invented the original iPod device?

Year 1979, in England, a British inventor named Kane Kramer originally created and patented the concept of a portable plastic digital music player — the iPod. Yes, as stated above, it was not Apple who has the first thought of the iPod device.

Kane Kramer could not afford to renew the worldwide patent with his own innovation and so it expired. More so, Kramer unfortunately did not make money from his novel creation.

This truth was also acknowledged by Apple business. A matter of this fact, Apple conceded Kramer’s novelty in materializing the iPod gadget, prior to them. This was part of the company’s justification against the 2008 patent lawsuit.

There you have it! An iPod geek like you should know these very basic iPod facts. Who knows someone might ask you any of the aforesaid questions.

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