Is i900 Omnia better than iPhone 3G?

By On Thursday, November 24th, 2016 Categories : iphone
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It has been supposed that Samsung has instigated their very own mobile phone innovation that would stand against the trendy iPhone 3G from Apple. This product is patented by the brand name — Samsung i900 Omnia. Moreover, the design and features of this i900 Omnia have even outshined the ones seized by Apple’s iPhone 3G version.

In order to prove which product is indeed better, the following product specs and features are further elaborated for prospect users to review. These attributes would give you the hint on which product to purchase in the future.

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The Promising i900 Omnia from Samsung

Samsung is a globally-renown brand that speaks for high-quality products and technological stuff. No wonder why one of its many innovations takes the prestige to be matched with Apple’s eminent iPhone 3G. This gadget is also known as SGH-i900, which is said to be indistinguishable from the iPhone 3G of Apple.

In terms of graphics display and images, Samsung i900 seizes a 5mega pixel camera which emerges to be better than its iPhone adversary. With a measurement of 112 by 56.9 by 12.5mm and a weight of 127g, this device materializes further portability to end-users. Moreover, SGH-i900 has a resilient memory, an FM radio, Bluetooth stereo and a TV output. Similar to Apple’s iPhone 3G, Samsung Omnia is also integrated with an HSDPA high speed data, universal serial bus version 2.0, EDGE, GPRS, GPS and a Wireless Fidelity network.

The Prominent iPhone 3G from Apple

This had been the most awaited product released by the Apple business and surely has captured the interest of the many iPhone lovers. The faster performance and cheaper rate are the foremost advertising points that appealed iPhone users to procure such prominent device.

Deliberated with Apple’s scheme trademark, the iPhone 3G comes out with the conventional white color design. To meet other color preference, a standard black version is also made available.

One great evident of this product’s advancement is the extensive battery life. It also seizes a mapping application, GPS, and HSDPA, which makes up a 3.5 handset. Moreover is the inclusion of EDGE support and GPRS feature. The screen measures at 320 by 480 pixel panel with the integration of a 2mega pixels camera. Its Wireless Fidelity and Bluetooth features remain untouched. Same thing with the battery that is alas still irremovable by the user. Oddly as expected, users have to visit Apple store to have it removed and changed.

Hitherto, those are the major highlights of the two tough contending handy phone brands. Whichever may emerge superior, the choice is still up to the prospect user. In fact a number of consumers opt for the brand name than features, whilst for practicality; quality is always other’s top priority.

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