Is my military reenlistment bonus on my w2?

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Is my military reenlistment bonus on my w2?. Do You mam & sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the tips right after this line:

How much would i payed back if i get out a year early from my requirement reenlistment bonus


Answers for this question:

Yes, it will show up on your military pay on your W2 under the bonus box number on your W2.


You need to alert your administration section about the matter, and they will be able to help you to progress further with your issue at hand. You should have received your bonus upon signing your reenlistment so if you haven`t then yes you will definitely need to contact you admin section.


It should be received either before you reach your duty station or at least a month after you have established yourself at your duty station. Contact your admin section in order to get the specific details about your situation.


No one branch gives out the best bonuses and not all the time it depends on the job you are able to receive from your ASVAB score and the region of the recruiter that actually needs people to receive the jobs that actually grant bonuses.


You will receive your enlistment bonus before you return to duty at your station. If you have not received your bonus yet then you will need to go to your admin section get more help.


You actually get it when you sign your reenlistment should be in the same month as your reenlistment if not before.


You wont have to pay back your bonus they are getting their money back by not having to pay you after getting kicked out.


The bonus should be awarded upon making it to your duty station or permanent duty station in the Marines.


It should be given to you ASAP, the only delay that should take place should be between your bank and DFAS.


Yes, because yo did not complete your full obligation as per your contract.


Perhaps check online at your account website.