Is Netflix Coming to the iPhone?

By On Thursday, September 15th, 2016 Categories : iphone

The iPhone is evolving to be more than just a calling device. Thanks to the plethora of Apple apps, the iPhone could be almost anything that you want it to be – music player, internet surfing device, and palm top computer, a whole lot more.

Now here’s the latest possibility – watching the latest full-length movie through the iPhone. Netflix, America’s leading movie rentals provider, is actually looking to take their business from the internet and into the mobile market.

This development could definitely get movie fans excited. Imagine getting the newest movie releases first on your iPhone. You could miss all the good movies from the theatres all you want. But you can definitely catch it later on through your iPhone.

While you can access YouTube and almost a whole range of video playing portal, Netflix offers an entirely different thing. Netflix can bring your favourite movie straight into your phone, just like what it is doing in the past years, being the market leader in DVD rentals. And as the company penetrates the iPhone, things can only get better.

However, this plan is still slated for the future. There are no immediate steps taken just yet and everything is still in its preparation stages. Even so, this news is a good sign. Right now, iPhone users can only say that things are getting more and more exciting for this coolest device that had hit this century.

It could take some time though before this plan materializes. Netflix would have to create a whole new structure that would support several hours’ worth of video streaming through the iPhone. But with all the resources in place, it won’t be too long until you can watch all your favourite movies while on the go. Thanks to the iPhone, almost everything becomes possible in this generation.