Is our relationship over? Haven`t heard from my ex boyfriend in 6 months after being in a committed relationship for 4-years?

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Is our relationship over? Haven`t heard from my ex boyfriend in 6 months after being in a committed relationship for 4-years?. Do You mister or misses own that kind of problem?, If yes then plz get the best solution right after this line:

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@ Oansahright: Thank you for your feedback! He does …lol He told me earlier….I think I need to just learn to relax, and let things flow naturally. I guess Im soo anxious, because he’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of please more. I think he’s work hard, and wants to provide a stable situation for us when we do decide to move to that more committed phase. Again, thank you for taking a minute out of your precious time just to respond back to little ole’ me….that meant alot. :-)


Honestly, you can never really say it is over until you both agree that the relationship is done. In this case, yes, I would agree that this relationship is over, as long as you aren`t the same. If he was like this during your whole relationship, I believe you are a very capable woman with lots of patience. In conclusion though, no, I do not believe that your relationship is to go back on.


I just dont want to end it like this. It kills me that he has gone to the extent of blocking me out completely. I tried calling from other nos. but after hearing my voice, he will immediately disconnect my call. Its painful to think that I have hurt him so bad that he doesnt even consider it worth to let me apologize.



maybe there are is a pending relationship status request from either both of you from the past that hasn`t been ignored.

so i suggest you see your notifications if there are any.

goodluck :)


That`s what my Capricorn man did. Maybe he still wants you to keep contact even though you`re broken up. Or maybe he is used to you doing all the work. You should start ignoring him and showing him that you don`t care!


I wouldn`t condemn my boyfriend until I have proof he`s cheating. Not to say the psychics are lying, but it isn`t fair nor wise to blindly follow a lead like that.


If your boy friend is causing you this much heart ach how he will only cause you more,get rid of him.


He obviously wants no contact at this time. You should drop it.