iUsers Jailbreak

By On Friday, April 13th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Since the dawn of cellphones and computers, it has become a little difficult to imagine another gadget that could merge the two devices. The two devices could not be anything more than what they are, that’s why iPods came into existence. Now we know that our thinking was wrong. The iPad came and merged the two gadgets. With the iPad there’s not much need for a computer anymore, and the same also goes with the cellphone.

The only problem though is that the iPad also comes with the price of the things that it can perform. It’s really understandable, but because of this, a lot of people share theirs. The iPad is not something cheap that you could buy by the bulk, so some households just secure one iPad and share it with the other members of the family.

In this way, everyone gets to hold, use, and enjoy it, without the family budget suffering as much. The only problem is, the iPad even though it caters to the different functions of a computer is still limited to one user only. It could not accommodate different users like Mac or Windows. The bottom line is that personal preferences could not be set. The settings of one user (probably the one who bought the iPad) is dealt with by the other users; same goes with all the data, files, and accounts.

iUsers by Peter Francheschi

This issue could indeed cause some problems between the users that share the said iPad. Good thing though, a Brazilian developer called Peter Franceschi formulated a solution which is now known as iUsers. In essence, iUsers is a jailbreak tweak that allow the different users that share an iPad set their own preferences and save files and other data. Just imagine the convenience that it could make that the data that another user has ordered is not jumbled with your own data.

The iUsers jailbreak is still missing some features though. Though the different users could sort out their preferences from the other users of the iPad, iTunes still doesn’t recognize this tweak. Hence, the apps that a user downloaded would still appear on the other users’ screen, but when the user opens it he would not be able to see nor access the other users’ data – only his.

Nevertheless, it could not be denied how helpful this jailbreak would be to everyone that shares his iPad with another person. This way, the iPad is allowed to be personalized according to the taste and preference of each user, as compared before, where everybody’s data, files, and preferences are jumbled along other users’ data, files and preferences as well.

It is indeed a breath of fresh air for iPad users, and it might also be a step to awaken the need that Apple wasn’t able to address. It would not take too long for the day to come when this jailbreak is already legal and built-in into every iPad device. Also, we could just hope for Apple to ignore this really helpful jailbreak and not launch an update to disable it until they come up with a more permanent solution for the need it addressed.