iVault App — Storage Vault Security for iPhone and iPod Touch

By On Sunday, January 14th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Another storage vault security application tool designed for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch gadgets is iVault Application.

The application has quite similar function with the mSecure application; thought iVault app is more on vault storage protection. Yet, inside such vault would be the same, if not mostly similar to that of the information protected by the mSecure app. This includes confidential data as such social security and credit card information stored in the portable devices’ encrypted vault.

How is iVault being used?

The advent of mobile phones has offered a lot of benefits to almost every people across the globe. Instant communication thru text messages or calls has broken the barrier of contact. Moreover, information is also made portable, so you can have them anytime and anywhere you wanted. It is simply because they are stored inside your portable devices’ vault storage. Such function is also deemed as information management.

The iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple are good evident of information management system. Apple has designed them for such purpose of handling different types of information, particularly music and video files. More than that are other information storing capabilities, like contact details, map directions, appointment schedules and reminders and even some of the most private information a person owns. This is the reason why most people rely on them to the extent of storing this sensitive information on them.

Nevertheless, it is also foreseeable that time will come that either of these devices would get lost or perhaps get stolen. When this occurs, everything stored on it will also vanish in an instant. This may include all the sensitive and valuable information you have stored on its vault.

The Role of iVault App

The importance of security applications for iPhone and iPod Touch devices are truly emphasized and noticed in cases like these. Thinking that unintentional loss of these gadgets is possible, it would be always good to implement some sort of information security ahead, while the device is still in your custody. The iVault application can make this doable. It would allow you to securely save private information into a vault that is encrypted. All the data are then secured.

With iVault application, you can take and save encrypted images and other files. Its language utility handles the translation of seven languages. You can also create back up files of the private information or restore them on a protected and isolated site including the Internet. Web synchronization is also possible with iVault app. Free updates are also obtainable.

All these and more features you can take advantage from having this iVault application for iPhone and iPod Touch. With the cost of $9.99 (iVault Pro), it is certainly the best value for your money.