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It is an irrefutable fact that YouTube has successfully captured the world’s interest in music and/or video downloading. Aside from music and video, YouTube also offers up-to-the-minute information from anywhere in the globe. It’s an interactive, entertainment, and informative site that certainly nourishes every information seeker with the worldwide updates.

In line with the objective of helping users perform easier downloading and converting of files from YouTube videos and music, another iPhone app is made accessible. And the name speaks for its purpose — the iYouTube application for iPhone and iPod touch gadgets.

What is iYouTube and How does it work with both iPhone and iPod?

It is just another application that is specifically intended for video downloading and conversion purposes. To be more precise, iYouTube is a utility that aids you to search, browse, view, download and convert video files from the YouTube site into the iPhone or iPod (readable and writeable) file formats.

With the availability of this application tool, anyone can find it easier to perform the above functions.

iYouTube Features

Embedded with a unique video browser, the iYouTube for iPhone and iPod, performs browsing and searching of videos in the fastest, efficient manner. Any files you download from YouTube will and can be converted into iPhone/iPod file formats as such MP3 and MP4.

In terms of customization, the iYouTube also allows users to customized settings according to their preferences. Other than its being customizable, it also has a user-interface that is user-friendly. Users will not be having a hard time accessing built-in tools and system features. You too can customize screen layouts, menubar and toolbars of iYouTube.

Summarizing the iYouTube Features

With iYouTube, utilities that enable users to easily search, browse, view and download videos are obtainable. Downloading of multiple files can be done by batch, and all-in-one click with the presence of batch download feature.

Other features include:

1. Online video viewing can be done easily and free of charge.

2. Simultaneous download of multiple videos with the availability of multi-threading techniques.

3. Automatic conversion of music or video files to your iPhone or iPod system.

4. Skin-able user interface that is very easy to utilize.

5. Free from potential threats as such Spyware, Virus and Adware.

How to Use iYouTube with your iPhone or iPod?

1. Instigate the iYouTube application.

2. While the iYouTube program is running, you can try to browse or search any video you want to convert and saved into your iPhone or iPod system.

3. Once the files are selected, click on the Download button. This will initiate the downloading procedure.

4. After the download is completed, you can add the downloaded files or videos into your iTunes archive, for you to move them to your iPhone or iPod gadget.

Enjoy video viewing, then!

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