Ken xin da m1display no light solution?

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Ken xin da m1display no light solution?. Are You misses or mister own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the solution below this line:

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That is one of the problem about Kenxinda
Pros:A dirt-cheap replica of an expensive Vertu phone; Great build quality; Dual-SIM functionality; Supports media playback.

Cons:Uneven keypad backlighting; No 3.5 mm audio jack.

Its better to bring it back where you bought it for warranty matters.


Your question is broken up and not understandable fully but from reading I believe that you are asking about how to get your display to be viewable after water damage.

In order to get your device back to normal you will need to not only change the screen but also the circuits in the device, basically get a new device. The rice method may work but it highly unlikely if you are saying that your screen will not display at all at this time.

Contact your carriers customer service in order to get help on receiving a new device.


Your phone is totally damage the LCD. i find the cause is dropped it to high heights or having problem to your charger.
because the charger or power supply is having compatible to own unit so you testing other charger to your unit. i tried it once i put other charger to my unit and the cause is it damage my LCD like your unit. no graphics and no light, so that totally damage the LCD. i am not point your charger because its many cause of LCD damage. so try go to service center to fix your phone.


I don`t think you can fix it all by yourself, My friend has also same problem as yours and he was advised to bring his phone to any nearest cellphone repair shop in his area because there are some equipments and material required for you to fix it and a replacement if needed. So I suggest that you should do the same for a hassle free and convinient way.


If the light on your BlackBerry Curve is flashing red, it usually indicates that a new message has arrived. It can also indicate a problem with your BlackBerry operating system. It is possible, via the BlackBerry menus, to change the behavior of the red indicator light to meet your requirements.


Hello there,

First, update your phone here :

If still doesn`t work you can bring it to your local HTC ssrvice center near you. Here is a list of HTC Service Centers:


As a piece of advice, you might want to not tinker with the hardware of your phone, as you might destroy the phone completely. I recommend you to get it checked by expert technicians at repair center.


Go back into the flash light settings an shut it off from there.


Use special shampoo.