Last night i sent someone a snapchat by accident, but before they viewed it i blocked them. will they still be able to view my snap?

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Last night i sent someone a snapchat by accident, but before they viewed it i blocked them. will they still be able to view my snap?. Are You mate own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then please check the good answer right after this line:

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Hi! Let me help you. This mainly depends on the method that you have used to block the text messages. If it is a block made through the network side, then usually the blocked person won`t be able to send the message as it will show message sending failed or similar messages or in other case, the message is sent from the person`s phone, but he/she will soon receive a reply message from the server side stating that he/she can`t send messages to that particular number. If you have blocked messages by using any phone applications, then whether you can see it or not depends on your application. Some applications let the name access the blocked messages manually by going to that particular application`s settings.


The messeges from the blocked number will be located at your spambox ,you can find the spambox at the messege menu together with the inbox,etc. Your phone will not ringor will not indicate that you have a messege rreceived if the messege is from the blocked nos. You can view the messege whenever you want and if you don`t want someone to view it beside you, you can make a password for your messeges menu.


Hello, once number had been blocked, you can not receive any messages coming from that number anymore, as long as it still blocked, but if you remove that number as blocked, thats the time you can receive another messages.


My daughter uses a Samsung galaxy mobile and she blocks spam or text ads on her mobile. It keeps these messages out of her inbox. However once these messages are blocked there`s no way of retrieving them.


I faced the similar problem and i tried it with my friend, like i blocked him and checked if he could see my story and they cannot unless and until you unblock them. Hope this helps.


Yes they can still view it because they haven`t blocked you. So since you blocked that person you cant see what they send you or say to you but they can see what you sent to them.


No it wont it stopped from being sent but next you could of just put your phone on airplane mode.


It means that they have either blocked you or deleted their account. it mostly if they blocked you.


Yes it can. and it happens often due to a glitch in the source code.


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