Latest iPod Shuffle Can Talk to You

By On Thursday, September 1st, 2016 Categories : iphone

Yes, it is amazing that now you can own an ipod, which not only offers whole lot of songs for you but also can talk. You will get this unique feature in the world’s smallest ipod shuffle with voice over facility. This latest offering from Apple has made little changes like shifting the control from ipod shuffle towards the earpiece to give you a very small size ipod.

iPof Shuffle

Well it is not only the size of the ipod but also its functionality, which is very easy to use by everybody and the controls, are very much at the locations where you can use it quickly. While talking of the music for which the ipod are famous, you will come across huge list of songs that too in 20 different languages. What’s more, if you want to know the singer or the details of the songs you will get all with just a press of button. In fact, the voice over facility will announce the name of the singer and other details related to the song.

Well, the design of this model is very much for your safety too. For example, in any ordinary ipod you need to take your eyes off the road while you are driving to change the song or control the ipod. However, since the controls of ipod shuffle is in the ear bud chord of your right ear, you can easily control the ipod shuffle while concentrating on your task.

Better storage facility makes it an ideal music device

The 4GB storage facility of this ipod shuffle offers you large number of songs storage facility. You can store as many as 1000 songs and form numerous play lists. Moreover, the multiple play lists offers you a unique feature to mix and match your play list as per your mood. In addition, the voice over will definitely guide you in this task by telling the name of the play list you have formed.

The latest version of ipod from Apple will help you to recognize the artists and songs of various languages, incase you are listening to French, Spanish or Italian songs or for that matter any song which you do not understand. The ipod shuffle provides you songs in almost 20 languages at a time.

Along with the best services, this latest music device will make you feel great with its unique look. Made with stainless steel, the ipod attaches it self securely to either your shirt, or the belt.

Finally, the way you switch it off, switch it on, or even play your favorite song is quite simple and different from other ipod because you can mange these functions just by either flipping the ipod left, right, or middle.