Learn How to Use iVideo Bot Pro Application for your iPhone

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The iVideo Bot Pro is designed to convert files of both music and videos into a matching format readable with the Apple iPhone gadget. Its fast quality file conversion is guaranteed to every potential user. Moreover, it is designed in a way that both novice and expert users are capable of manipulating.

Minimum System Requirements

Utilizing the iVideoBot Pro iPhone Video Converter would require you to have at least Windows 2000 or the later versions including Windows 7, a memory capacity of 512MB, and a hard drive space of 40MB above. Knowing that the files you will be converting are either video or music files, expect to allocate more space for them, though.

The Conversion Process

After securing all the least system requirements, you are now good to go with the actual conversion process. The steps are very simple to follow, so it is going to be fast. Here is how you use the iVideo Bot Pro video converter with your iPhone device:

1. Instigate the iVideoBot Pro application for your iPhone.

2. After instigating the program, specify the model of your iPhone device.

3. Convert the profile.

4. You can add more files to be converted by Clicking on the Add button. Other way is to drag the file from the Windows Explorer window.

5. Begin the conversion process of the selected files by clicking on the Start button.

Within few minutes, the files should already be converted into an iPhone-friendly file format. So, with five simple steps you can now start viewing your favorite videos or play music anywhere you go.

With iVideoBot Pro Video Converter, you may also customized multiple video files and merge them all into a single video file. It is guaranteed free from Virus, Spyware or Adware, therefore your iPhone gadget is safe from any harmful intervention, file or system damages.

The iVideoBot Pro Video Converter can also be utilized with the iPod gadgets, including the iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle. So, you can go ahead and grab your videos video or music, from various sources, regardless of the file formats. You really have nothing to worry about any incompatibility of file formats, anymore. Aside from the iVideoBot Pro, there are still a lot of other Video Converter applications available, elsewhere.

Yet, as for a safer choice, always go for the best and the most trusted brand.

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