Let Your Cat Have Her Share: Installing Game For Cats

By On Sunday, May 13th, 2018 Categories : iPad

If you think humans are the only creatures in this world that could use and play with an iPad then you’re wrong. Cats are smart too, and they are smart enough to enjoy your iDevice just as much as you do. To prove the point, let us share with you the game that you should never download if you own a smart cat, unless you would want to buy her a separate iPad for her use.

It is called Game for Cats. It’s very addicting for cats, and this is guaranteed to keep her busy the rest of the day, no matter how lazy she is, that’s for sure. The game is absolutely made for cats. Basically there will be a mouse scampering all around the screen and the moment your cat steps or taps, or pats it, it will explode and give your cat a hundred points. It has very interesting and colorful animations to keep your cat’s attention.

If you’re a cat lover and you don’t mind sharing your iPad with your pet, then go ahead and try this game. Have a problematic cat that always try to ruin your favorite carpet, then try this game. If you’re going out to do some chores and you want your cat to be busy while you’re out, then this game is also for you.

Installing Game For Cats

Just tap on your App Store and search for “Game for Cats“. Tap on install to begin downloading and installing. Maybe it’s best if you download the free version first to see if your cat really likes the games. After the installation, the next best thing to do is to try it out. Observe your cat if she liked the game. If she does, then leave her alone and come back after a few minutes to see how much she has already scored.

If you think this could work, then $0.99 is really not that pricey right? The full version’s way better than the free one, and it eliminates all the set limitations of the first version. Have fun!