Let Your iPad Shout Out With Sonos.

By On Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Is music a very important deal to you? Then maybe you’re searching for something to improve the quality of the music experience you have with your iPad. Well fret no more, because the famous wireless audio designer Sonos has finally launched a new line of products and speakers that would work great with your iPads and other iDevices. They are a line of wireless internet streaming speakers, and a particular product that would probably get hour attention is the Play:3. the Play:3 by Sonos is especially designed to be managed by Mac, Windows, Android, and finally iOS devices.

Products by Sonos especially these types of products are usually a little pricey, however what make the Play:3 a little bit more special is the fact that it is relatively cheaper than others. Maybe because of the fact that it is actually smaller, but not necessarily softer compared to the others. Just read on to discover its unique features.

Sonos Play:3 Features

Of course, as already mentioned, the Play:3 could be connected to the internet, wherein you could enjoy multiple libraries as much as 100,000 shows, online radio stations, and also podcasts. Along with your entire iTunes library, you are also free to enjoy and stream music from music streaming services like Last.fm, Rdio, and Rhapsody, just to name a few.

Now, the Play:3 looks like a rectangle hence you could position it in two different ways: horizontally and vertically. It wouldn’t matter how you position it though. Unlike other speakers that certain positions could affect their sound quality, Play:3 adjusts and adapts itself to the position that it’s in. Hence, it doesn’t matter which way you position your speaker, the best sound would still come out every time! Also, though it may look like it’s just one speaker, you could still manage which side of the speaker to play. It could play the role of both the left or right speaker, anytime, at your preference.

Moving on, so the Play:3 could be played in two basic ways. The first one is through the internet, and the second one is through your home network. You could use your home network to operate your Play:3 by simply connecting it to your PC using a cable, or you could use the Sonos Bridge, or the wireless way. If you need to extend the coverage area, SOnos Bridge Extenders could be bought seperately.

Enjoying your Play:3 so far? Then why not buy another Sonos speaker and sync it with your existing one. Or, if you already have an existing Sonos before you bought the Play:3, then did you know that you could actually sync and control both devices at the same time? Because Sonos is wireless, you could connect all the existing units of Sonos you have in your home and control them using the Sonos Controller software. Certain problems could arise however in the event that the older Sonos could not recognize your new Play:3. This is because the Play:3 operates with the most recent software, anyway, Sonos already offers an upgrade for your older equipments for them to be able to play along with Play:3. Finally, there is also an app already available to match your new toy. Enjoy!