letter to client for advance payment or APG against work order?

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letter to client for advance payment or APG against work order?. Are You misses or mister own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz get the answer right after below:\r\n

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Just draft and write like any other business letters. Begin with a letter heading of the receiver. The contact persons name, contact number or account and office address. Include also the reference, or subject, line, on which the purpose of the letter should be stated. It may look like this:
Subject “Request for Cash advance”.
Proceed with the main body of the letter. The main body of the letter contains the specific amount and the request, the date which is essential and any other significant details to be included relating to the purchase order. The request should be stated politely and end the body or request with a `thank you` for the request being taken into consideration.
Signing off with “Yours sincerely`, with the signature and the requesting name in print and date. Copy furnished may be made to be given to other important personnel to the contracting party.


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hope this is what you are looking for:

TIN NO. ___________
C.S.T.TIN NO. ________
M/S ORDER NO: __/___/
Your Quotation No. :
Date :
Dear Sir/s,
With reference to your quotation we have pleasure in confirming our order for the following as per
the terms & conditions stated hereunder.
Rs. Ps. Rs. Ps.
Terms & Conditions :
Payment : 50% Advance along with W.O.
Delivery : Immediate after approval
Mode of Dispatch :
Guarantee :
Taxes as applicable
Please Dispatch the Materials to our works, at Bhuj – Kutch.
Thanking You,
For, _______________
Your’s Faithfully,
H.O. : _____________

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The formal Request letter is usually business related where the company or employee makes a formal request for some assistance or task.

This will be your format or example of your request letter.


Rhone Te

263 Getty Street
Bethpage, NY 13754

May 11, 2010


Ann Oreo

4475 Mulberry Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72211

Dear Sister

RE: Request for House-sitting

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to request a big favor from you. I am scheduled to attend a week long conference in Australia from September 10-17, 2010. As I stay alone, the house would be left empty with Mimi and Fifi, my pet poodles, all alone. An empty house in my neighborhood is not favorable as the ailing economy today attracts a lot of neighborhood crimes.

I look forward to your positive reply soon so that I can confirm my travel plans.

Thank you in advance,

Love & Kisses,

Rhone Te.

Marjhone Casas


Dear Sir,
I am so happy about your work is entrusted to me. I promise, I will do my best for completing your work. I am writing this letter for telling about the advance payment of the work. So please send me the advance payment as soon as possible.
Thanking You!
Your `s Sincerely,


If you want to write a letter to a company requesting advance payment for the work to be done, then please see below a draft letter for you to add more information to.

Write your address at the top


Dear Sir/Madam (or the name of the owner here)

Ref – Request for Advance Payment

I respectfully request that you make an advance payment of (amount here) for work that my company (name here), has been contracted to do for your company.

Would you please confirm that this is acceptable, and let me know, so that we can sort out payment.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Sign your name

e mail address
Mobile number
Land line telephone

Keep a file for all correspondence, and keep a copy of your letter and their reply for future reference.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I like to request that if you could give an advanced partial payment of the purchased order. This si to ensure the transaction. And that so that we could be able to process your item. When the item is delivered then that’s the time that you pay the payment in full. We just need its installment. The payment will be used to ship your item.

Sincerely yours,
Your name.


You can try to issue an invoice or a billing statement instead. It is more direct and basically shows all the important details of the job, what the payment is for, how much they should pay and to whom to issue the payment.
Hope this helps!


Create your invoice as you normally would. Below the amount due line, add a line that says payment. include the payment amount, then on a line below that indicate balance due $0.00.


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Go to the person put leave message and write the message the u wanted to type.


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