Lexmark X1109 printer won`t print?

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Lexmark X1109 printer won`t print?. Do You guys own that kind of question?, If do then plz found the tips below:\r\n

X1109 all in one printer isn`t printing. Connected to pc with usb cable. Running Windows 10. Just had windows update and now won`t work. Not even picking up printer when scanning for printers.


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This depends on your Lexmark printer, if your printer has a Wireless printing support you can use a Lexmark mobile printing app to print wireless

If your printer is doesn`t have wireless printing you need to transfer the files to your computer and print it using your computer.


Your printer needs to be wireless if you want to print right from your IPad. If not email the photo to your Personal Email. Then hook your printer up to your computer and then go to your email. Then download the picture and click print.


Hi there
you need to see whether its an airprint enabled printer:
whether it is or isn`t or you just want an easier option you can also try an app liek print central.


Unfortunate, not that I know of. I had the same problem, but was able to conect it to my PC network and run mine seamlessly, mac problem?


If it is not an “AirPrint” printer – it will not work. AirPrint is a special type of wireless printer that is compatible with iPads, iPhones, etc.


First you must go into wifi settings and fingd the printer. then you must connect with it . then you should be able to print freeely.


Conect iPad to printer via USB lead and should automatically download just follow instructions.


Try downloading the printer app on the tab the search for the device.


Have u cheked the insied of the printer.


You cant it has to be air printed.