LG Optimus 3D LG-SU760, WIFI option shown but Not Activated?

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LG Optimus 3D LG-SU760, WIFI option shown but Not Activated?. Are You mate own that kind of problem?, If yes then plz read the best feedback right after this line:

Dear Expert,I have an LG SU-760 Optimus 3D Smart Phone, Its WIFI shown but not activated. Please guide me.ThanksAkbar Ali


Answers for this question:

In order to receive the WIFI connection you have to be stay close to an activated internet connection. Once you are within the range of activated connection you can refresh and automatically the WIFI connection will be activated.


There are two ways you can download an application the first one is by using your mobile browser go to the website and download the apk of your application or if it is not an application just go to the website and download the file and it wil be stored more likely on the download folder of your android phone.

The other ways is by google play stor you can search for it on the application because android devices do have this application by default it is like a PLAY icon with different colors then one you run that you can search application and download and install it to your device . Be sure you are connected to the internet via wifi or via data connection.


I can access internet on my laptop with the same wifi but not on my android mobile. it gets connected but when i open my browser “Web page not available check your connection” or “an error occured” such type of message is displayed.


China gadgets have different features when it comes to some application in your devices.

Most of the time china phones and devices most to have this kind of errors. I am not generalizing this but most of the time.


Hello Kashif! Try to pull out the battery for atleast 10-15 seconds then put the battery and turn on.


Sorry but you cannot update your lg su760 to android 4.0. There is no available for now.


Dear…because there is no wi fi in noia 5230 so u can`t use wifi through this phone.


Its battery will be low plz recharge it.


This is the software problem..


Probably tv on incorrect channel.