Lgms323 just reboots an dosnt want to factry reset?

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Lgms323 just reboots an dosnt want to factry reset?. Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please found the best solution below this line:\r\n

I tryed an factory reset phon but it continues to reboot on the logo


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Hold down your power button home button and back button all at the same time this will bring you to the mobile phone tech,screen when this happens scrooll all the way down the list till you get to soft factory reset and hit enter your phone will then shut off reboot an return to normal.


Hello, for you to connect to the Google playstore you need to turn on your wifi first and connect to a wireless connection. But, if you are connected to a wireless data make sure to login your google account or gmail account in order to access it.


I got sms from DM-SISATI about to log in an name id and they given me a password which has been change every 4 hours if i don`t log in. they have already change 5 times my password. what is this name id and password???


Press up volume button and then press power ON button once. Keep on pressing the volume up button and you will be going to the restoration process of your phone.



It could be an issue with the os of your smartphone i.e. Android. Try to update your phone to the latest available version of android fro your phone. It could be a bug as well, contact Samsung.


Locate for the small hole at the bottom of your pad,press it with a pin and this will hard reset however if doesn`t work have it check with the service technician to solve the problem.


You should be able just to get it back. But remember in is difficult the get your data back!


Do you have a bandaid?? I scraped my knee falling for tou.