Libra man hot and heavy then off the radar for months?

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Libra man hot and heavy then off the radar for months?. Are You Mrs or Mr has this kind of concern?, If yes then please read the good tips below this line:\r\n

He came on to me , I ve known him for years but never thought he had a crush. we haven t seen each other for over 15 years and kept in touch on fb. he just , well….disappeared!


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Hello. I think that it`s obvious already, he`s not into you so better stop texting him. If he doesn`t want to communicate, let it be. For me if a person loves a person, he`ll want to have a relationship with that person he loves but in his case he maybe loves you but he is scared of the responsibility of being in a relationship. He might have had bad relationship in the past and that he doesn`t want it from happening again. Try to understand him give him time, I believe that if you`re really meant to be then you will be sweetheart in the end.You don`t have to force him to like you or be in a relationship with you because in the end you`ll be the person who will suffer if you get disappointed in him because he is not committing himself in your relationship. If you want to find someone the sooner then give chance to others who are more willing to have a relationship with you. Good luck.


As I have read on your story, I think this Libra woman likes you. Well, I am not sure if she likes you only as a friend, or she really likes you to be more than that. But a woman does not waste her time and effort if she does not want to be with a guy. By the way she texts you, I am sure you would feel that.
But, what you have to do right now is to observe. Try to talk to her and ask for her plans. But do not ask her directly at this early if she wants you or not. That could turn her off.


Sometimes it will do that, because it has happened to me until I got on the pill to control that, but our body decides not us. It may be random but I would watch out on the bleeding. If you have any blood clots make sure they are no bigger than a quarter and make sure to be taking multivitamins because heavy bleeding will or may cause your blood to be lacking iron.


There is a possibility that he will come back in 6 months time. Otherwise, keep working on wooing him back, if you still love each other that is! A Libran is reluctant to be claimed, wanting to stay open to the best life has to offer. But once he`s found his “other half,” his focus turns in to the relationship itself!


If you really like him maybe just keep on a friendship level until he realizes that you are always there for him and that he can trust you more than his bad breakups before and he might let his guard down.


Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Libra is ruled by Venus.

It seems he is interested in you and is waiting for

confirmation of your love from your side.

All the best.


I dont think so, i think he is over you, but he is trying to be in good terms with you.


Why not ask his phone number so you can call him anytime.


Try eating some peanut butter, it will bind you.