Lion for Mac to Make it Look Like the iPad

By On Sunday, April 22nd, 2018 Categories : iPad

We can’t deny the fact that Apple really outdid themselves with the convenience of the iPad system. It has made life and technology so much easier and faster, that’s why they are now releasing an OS for the Mac to make it look and function like the iPad interface.

This recently released OS for Mac named Lion is an operating system for Mac computers that tries to merge the best of both worlds. That’s probably the best way to put it. It has incorporated a lot of ideas from the essence of the iOS – which is the special operating system used by Apple for their other iDevices like the iPhone and iPad, as well as enhance it to fit a computer.

Users would probably have mixed emotions on this one. While new Mac users would find this really easy and convenient, old users on the other hand could find this a little degrading on the already established system. Of course there are a lot of new features, but because being relatively new to the users and the public’s eye, a lot of improvements could still be made to perfect it.

Lion’s Features

Let’s now talk about Lion‘s two main features shall we? The first one is called Launchpad. You can access Launchpad from the Dock or by pinching four fingers on the trackpad.. The first thing that you’re going to possibly think about when you here that Apple is incorporating the features of the iPad to the Mac is the grid-of-icons way of accessing applications. The Launchpad let’s you do just that.  It fills the screen with a grid of your application icons. If you need to access one of them then just a click on them would be enough and the app would launch and appear. Kinda like the apps on the iPad right?

Another familiar iOS feature is that all of the applications are given their own screen, so to access in between the applications all at the same time, you could just launch them and work on them simultaneously by just swiping left or right, to change between apps.

The second main feature of the Lion is the Mission Control. You can access it through its icon on the dock, or by swiping three fingers up. Mission Control would show you all the things you are currently working on: open documents, applications, other files and data that are still unsaved and working on at the moment.

Aside from the Mission Control and the Launchpad, other features where enhanced and added as well. The Auto-Save feature of the Lion now is pretty neat, as well as the Versions feature which shows the different versions of a saved document, very helpful if ever you have made significant changes and would still want to view your original document. The Resume feature lets you shut down or restart your computer but the things you are working on will not shut down and restart with the computer. They’re still there the next time you open the computer.

Aside from those already mentioned, the Lion has a lot more features to boast of. Everything just feels in between though, like the ideas and the concepts are already there but there are still a lot of things to work on.