Login out of facebook on asus transformer T100TAM?

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Login out of facebook on asus transformer T100TAM?. Are You mam has that kind of question?, If do then plz found the good soution below:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Go to setting after privercy and then click on the link that indicates logout and you will automatically be logout.


Try the correct method of hard resetting your device. Be sure that you have a back up files of your personal data because it will be gone after the hard reset. Be sure also that your device is atleast 80% charge. Here are the steps on how to hard reset your device:
– turn off your device
– press and hold together the Volume Down key and Power key at the same time.
– continue to press and hold the two buttons until the bootloader will appear on your screen.
– wait for the Press Volume Up prompt on your screen then press the volume up key
– your device will start to reset to factory settings, just wait until it finish.


Clipboard – You cannot find clipboard because it is a virtual location on a phone/computer/other devices where it saves temporarily all the copied text,data,images etc.

For Example:

Copying a text

1. First, highlight the text you want to copy

2. Press and hold the screen

3. An option will appear to copy the text

4. Tap “Copy” to copy the text

5. The copied text will now be save into the clipboard

6. You can now paste the text in any text box

7.That`s it!


I found no mention of there being a WPS button on the Asus Transformer. There is a Wi-Fi icon and baseline light. Here is the manual –



There should be three capacitive buttons on the lower left screen of your tablet, one of them being the home button (should be the middle one, shaped like a house). Hit that and it will take you to your home screen.


If a particular device is sold out, meaning a lot of people prefer to use that model. Check back after a week or two, it should be back. Asus on the other end will ship a ton of those devices in two weeks time.


My phone number is 3159822798 my secret password is 1975 how do i get started.


Yes i have a asus transformer and my wife plays farmville on it all the time.


No sorry u cant do it u need to down load it from other sites.


tech terms:

login xhubs, Xhubs login